Frequently Asked Questions


Please check for the most up-to-date rundown of our protocols and Box Office information.


In an effort to provide a more safe and secure environment in which to enjoy performances, please be aware that all persons entering the venue and their belongings are subject to search, including bag checks and metal detectors.

Backpacks and large multi-pocket bags are prohibited. Weapons are prohibited, including but not limited to concealed weapons, firearms, handguns, knives of any size, explosives, and pepper spray and mace containers. Outside food and beverages are also prohibited. The doors are open 60 minutes before show time.

Please plan to arrive early so the security line is not a hassle. The less you are carrying, the easier it will be to pass through security.


Who owns the Florida Theatre?

The Florida Theatre is owned by the City of Jacksonville, and leased to the Florida Theatre Performing Arts Center, Inc., a nonprofit corporation founded in 1987 specifically to manage and program the Theatre for the citizens of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

When did the Theatre first open?

The Theatre first opened to the public on April 8, 1927.

When was the Theatre renovated?

The Arts Assembly (now known as the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville) renovated the Theatre and reopened it on October 1, 1983. The Arts Assembly sold the building to the City of Jacksonville in 1987, which is when the Florida Theatre Performing Arts Center, Inc. was founded to manage and program the building.

How many seats are in the Florida Theatre?

1903 with the pit, 1865 without the pit.

What is the Florida Theatre’s mission as a non-profit organization?

The mission of the Florida Theatre Performing Arts Center, Inc., as a nonprofit organization, is to enhance the North Florida community’s quality of life by providing diverse and memorable arts and entertainment experiences, and by preserving a unique historic Jacksonville landmark.

I’m coming to a show from out-of-town, what else is there to do in Jacksonville?

Get more ideas on what to do while you’re in Jacksonville here.


Can I get a refund on my tickets if I can’t come?

The official policy of the Florida Theatre is there are no refunds or exchanges on tickets. Please visit for the most current details.

Are there additional service charges or handling fees in addition to the price of my tickets?

A $4.50 per ticket restoration fee is applied to all orders. These funds are held in escrow and used only for the maintenance and preservation of this historic theatre. There are no additional service charges when purchasing tickets from the Theatre’s own box office by phone or in person. You pay just the face value of each ticket. If you purchase online at, additional fees apply.

What ticket vendor does the theatre use?

The Theatre currently uses ShoWare as the exclusive vendor for its tickets. ShoWare provides the software and hardware used by the Theatre’s own employees in the Theatre’s Box Office.

What is the Theatre’s official web site?

The Florida Theatre’s official web site is

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets to all Florida Theatre shows are available from the Theatre’s own Box Office, which is located at the Theatre, at 127 East Forsyth Street, on the corner of Forsyth and Newnan Streets in downtown Jacksonville. By calling the Florida Theatre Box Office directly at 904.355.2787 or at

How do I request tickets for a charity fundraiser or auction?

As a nonprofit organization itself, the Florida Theatre is always pleased to support the fundraising efforts of other charities and nonprofit organizations with a donation of show tickets for use as door prizes or auction items. Please send a request in your organization’s letterhead to: Charity Tickets, Florida Theatre, 128 East Forsyth Street, Suite 300, Jacksonville, Florida 32202. Make sure to specify the date of your event. Please include a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) letter or Florida Certificate of Consumer Exemption.

What are the The Florida Theatre Box Office Hours?

9 AM – 5 PM Monday – Friday. Additionally, the Box Office opens an hour before showtime and stays open until the start of the show.

Can I buy tickets over the phone?

Yes, you can buy tickets over the phone from the Theatre’s own Box Office by calling at 904-355-ARTS (2787) during regular hours.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, check, Mastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express and debit cards are all accepted at the Theatre’s box office.

How can I support the Florida Theatre?

View all of the ways you can support the Florida Theatre here. Join the Members of the Florida Theatre by making a tax deductible contribution. Contact our Membership Office at 904.562.5995.

How can I buy tickets before everyone else?

We typically announce new shows every week on Monday, and tickets go on sale to the public on Friday. Members of the Florida Theatres Email Club get to purchase tickets 24 hours in advance, and Members of the Florida Theatre at the “Ensemble Level” or higher, who make an annual tax deductible contribution of $250 or more to the nonprofit Florida Theatre, get to buy tickets up to 4 days in advance.

Is there an elevator?

There is no elevator in the Florida Theatre building.

Is the Florida Theatre wheelchair accessible?

Yes. There are dedicated wheelchair accessible positions in the right front orchestra, left front orchestra, and rear orchestra. Accessible seats can be purchased on our website, by phone (904-355-2787), or in person at the box office. There is a wheelchair ramp that allows customers to travel from the street to the auditorium without encountering any stairs. However, because there is no elevator in the Florida Theatre building, the balcony of the Florida Theatre is not wheelchair accessible.

Where is the wheelchair accessible bathroom?

The wheelchair accessible bathroom is located to the right of the Entry Lobby Bar as you face the bar, to the left of the statue La Vergognosa.

Where are the bathrooms?

On the ground level, the bathrooms are located to the left just as you enter the entry lobby, or, if you are already in the building, on the right just before you walk out the front doors. On the Mezzanine level, the Men’s and Women’s Rooms are located on opposite sides of the Mezzanine lobby, and there is an additional Women’s Room to the left of the center Loge and Balcony entrance.

What do I do if I have accessibility needs?

The Florida Theatre is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please inform the ticket office of any special arrangements you may require when purchasing tickets. An assistive listening system for the hearing impaired is available from the House Manager. Large print programs are available on request. The Theatre does not have its own parking lot. Accessible permit parking is available on the street.

Does the Theatre provide ear protection?

Yes, upon request any usher or member of security can provide you with complimentary ear protection (ear plugs).

Where are the Loge seats?

The Loge seating section is the first four rows of the balcony.

Where are the Orchestra seats?

The Orchestra is the floor section of the Theatre.

Do you have a bar?

Yes, we have a full bar complete with beer, wine, liquor, sodas and water.

Do you serve food?

We offer light snacks for sale including but not limited to peanuts, candy bars, fruit snacks and chips.

Is there a smoking section?

No. For health reasons, as well as to minimize the chances of damaging this unique community asset, smoking is prohibited in the historic Florida Theatre. This includes electronic or “e-cigarettes”.

How do I check the lost and found?

During a performance, you can ask for the House Manager. After a performance, call the administrative office the next business day at (904) 355-5661.

What do I do in the event of a fire or other emergency?

The exit indicated by a red light and sign nearest to the seat you occupy is the shortest route to the street. In the event of a fire or other emergency please do not run, WALK TO THAT EXIT. Please follow the directions of the House Staff. If you become aware of a medical or other emergency, please inform the House Staff immediately.

Do you issue “Parental Warnings” for shows?

From time to time we have shows targeted directly at families and very young audiences, and on those occasions, we market the show as “family appropriate,” or good for “all ages.” Otherwise, however, we do not make recommendations or issue “Parental Warnings.” One reason is that it comes perilously close to censorship. Another reason is that we have a very diverse community, and what one customer finds objectionable, another customer thinks is perfectly acceptable. If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of a show or artist for you or a member of your family, then we urge you to err on the side of caution, and don’t buy a ticket.

Are photography, audio recording and video recording allowed?

It is the policy of the Florida Theatre that audio, video and photographic recording is permitted at most performances, as long as it is for personal use, not for commercial gain, and the recording is made using personal electronic equipment, such as a smart phone. Cameras, video cameras, tablets, and audio equipment are not permitted. Such recording should be made discreetly from your seat. Flash photography and bright lights are never permitted. Persons whose activities disturb other audience members may be asked to cease such activities or be subject to ejection. The Theatre is the sole arbiter of what equipment and activities are permissible.

The Theatre reserves the right to amend this policy at any time, for any performance, for any reason, including a complete prohibition of such activities.

Can I use my cell phone during the show?

Please turn your electronic communication devices to silent before the performance starts. If you need to use your device during the performance, please go to the lobby. The noise and light are distracting.

Does the Florida Theatre have a weapons policy? 

The policy of the Florida Theatre Performing Arts Center, Inc., the nonprofit corporation that leases and operates the Florida Theatre, is that, because the Theatre operates concession stands at which alcoholic beverages are available for consumption on the premises, handguns, concealed weapons and firearms are prohibited on the premises.

The basis for this policy is found in Chapter 790.06 Paragraph 12(a)12 of the 2015 Statutes of the State of Florida, which reads: “A (concealed weapon or firearm) license issued under this section does not authorize any person to openly carry a handgun or carry a concealed weapon or firearm into: any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to such purpose.”

Where can I park?

The Florida Theatre does not have its own parking lot. Street parking is free after 6:00 p.m. on the weekdays, and free all weekend. There are over 1,600 parking spaces within one block in any direction of the Florida Theatre. The Yates Building Parking Garage is the preferred and recommended parking facility of the Florida Theatre. Enter the Yates Garage on East Adams Street. Click here for a map.

Can I rent out the Theatre?

The historic Florida Theatre is available for rent for performances, fundraisers, corporate events and special occasions. A wide variety of support services are also offered. Visit our rental page HERE or call the administrative office at (904) 355-5661 ext. 233.