Circus King

A young boy is lost at sea, and found by a baboon on a far-away island. He is raised by a circus of misfits. The audience and cast of characters help the boy overcome personal challenges and discover his destiny. With a little magic, characters come right out of the screen as puppets! There is Ella the elephant with bad allergies. There’s a lazy lion with curlers in his hair and crossed eyed acrobats swinging through the air. The show combines hilarious puppets, beautiful animation, spellbinding magic, wonderful music with tremendous audience interaction. The set has big screen animation, lots of magical props and musical instruments. There is a digital companion book that the teachers can download and read to the students before the show. The students test out on grammar, reading comprehension and spelling.

Available Dates: Various Dates available
Curriculum Connections: Character Education, Theatre, Music, Language arts
Grades: PK-5
Price: $900