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Volunteer for the Florida Theatre!


We are always accepting volunteer ushers!
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Who can be an usher?

Anyone 18 years of age or older with a neat appearance, good communication skills, and without any physical limitations.

What is the process?

Each applicant must complete the background check consent form and volunteer application for ushering.  Once approved, you will receive the manual, the seating chart, the annual credit system and the current six-week event calendar.  Volunteers may choose which events they would like to volunteer for within the current six-week calendar.  If an event is full or canceled, management will let you know.  The first event or two you will be assigned with a veteran usher until you are comfortable with your duties.
There is a mandatory annual usher meeting and orientation each September.

What are the requirements?

Volunteering at the Florida Theatre is a privilege.  Volunteer ushers are expected to understand the seating arrangements, wear the appropriate attire, be able to take patrons to their (reserved) seats, stand and do steps, understand the running times of the shows, be able to direct people to the restrooms and concessions, and help prepare programs for certain events.  Qualified ushers will take or scan tickets, and direct patrons.

It is also important that you show up by your call time which is generally 75 minutes before the event actually starts.  (Note: Ushers coming in later than the assigned call time could be sent home at the discretion of the management.)  Each volunteer should be capable of standing until each show begins and for sold out shows will be required to stand until released from duty.

Ushers are not allowed to use cell phones while on duty.

How many shows must an usher work?

Once you have started volunteering, we ask that you maintain active status by working at least one show per month to remain active.  If you become inactive after a twelve-month period, you will be dropped from the program and you will be asked to reapply.

How long do ushers stay for each performance?

We do ask that a group of volunteers  stay until the end of the performance to help patrons exit the building safely and efficiently.

The required dress code is as follows:


  • Solid WHITE shirt/blouse, button down with a collar. (a solid white sweater or blazer is acceptable when worn over a white shirt. No Turtlenecks or Sleeveless Blouses.)
  • Solid black dress pants, or  a solid black skirt, knee length or longer (No Jeans)
  • Tan, natural, or black hose (No white, patterned or textured hose) optional
  • Black shoes (No sport shoes or shoes with opened toes or heels)
  • Working hand-held flashlight
  • No cell phones once doors have opened to the public


  • White long-sleeved or short sleeve button down dress shirt with collar (a white cardigan sweater or blazer may be worn over the white shirt)
  • Solid black tie (regular long or bow tie)
  • Black dress trousers (No Jeans)
  • Black shoes (No Sport Shoes)
  • Dark socks
  • Working hand-held flashlight
  • No cell phones once doors have opened to the public

Where do ushers park?

The Florida Theatre does not own a parking lot but there are many meters and lots available in the vicinity of the Theatre.
There are parking passes available through management for the Yates Garage (entrance on Adams/Newnan) only for those ushers that volunteer for weekday daytime children shows.

Event Contacts:

Jennifer Dobrowolski
House Manager
904.358.1874 fax