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Uncommon Music for a Common Cause

Music is something that affects all of our lives in some way or another. Mix that with community spirit, and you get the need to support local music.

And it is a need. Not a want.

We need to support local music in order to keep it alive in our city. Jacksonville is no New York, but we have incredible untapped talent right under our noses, and these musicians deserve a chance to perform in a real venue. The Florida Theatre wants to help expose that untapped talent to a wider audience. Consider it the first steps of polishing a rock into a gem. Help us let our local musicians shine.

Uncommon Music is the Florida Theatre’s concert for local musicians. Our mission is to take Jacksonville’s premier musicians out of smaller venues (the clubs, bars and restaurants) and reveal their talent to the city by bringing them into the Florida Theatre, a venue that will allow for a true professional performing experience. This annual concert, along with its sister concert JAXROX, not only provides an invaluable experience for the performers, but also donates the proceeds from the show to a worthy organization in the same community that supports these musicians, their dreams and their involvement in Jacksonville arts. It is music with a mission.

Uncommon Music 2007

Crystal Stafford
The Homesteaders
Goliath Flores
Heavenly Noise

Uncommon Music 2008

Jessica Pounds
Patrick Bass
Peter Dearing

Uncommon Music 2009

Will Pearsall
Christina Wagner
The Prime Directive
Badlands Trio

Uncommon Music 2010

Jordyn Jackson
John Earle Band
The Dundies

Uncommon Music 2011

Stephen Carey
Sam Pacetti
Jordyn Jackson & Shawn Fisher