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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

With all-new digital picture and sound, the ultimate Halloween movie returns!

Hosted by Karrissa T Wade. Live music by 4Play from 8 – 9 pm.

Fasten your garter belt and come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab!  Starring Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon and rock star Meat Loaf,  The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is considered among the most popular cult classics of all time.  Wear your costumes, bring your props (no meat, please), and come early for the live music.

Friends of the Florida Theatre at the Ensemble Level and above buy tickets now. Eclub members use your code word on Thursday, Aug. 3 at 9am. General public tickets on sale Friday, Aug. 4 at 10am.

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Florida Theatre – Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ’s

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) about the Florida Theatre’s screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable and authentic “Rocky Horror experience,” without damage to person, property or the historic Florida Theatre. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Is there other entertainment that night? All Rocky Horror activities take place inside the theatre. Billy Buchanan and Free Avenue will play one hour before the movie begins.

Is the stage open during the movie? Yes. The stage in front of the screen will be open during the movie for audience members who wish to perform. You’re on your own, though. We will not have professional performers at this screening.

Can I use props? Yes, but you must bring your own. Some theatres sell “prop kits.” The Florida Theatre does not.

Are there any restrictions? Yes. Please note the following:

The Florida Theatre reserves the right to determine what is allowed into the venue.
All persons and property are subject to search upon entry.
Anything that is not allowed will be confiscated.
Foodstuffs are explicitly not allowed. They create a slip hazard, are hard to clean, and will spoil and attract rodents and vermin. This includes, but is not limited to Rocky Horror props like rice, toast, hot dogs and prunes.
The use of lighters and matches is prohibited. They’re obviously a fire hazard.
Do not throw anything at the screen. It’s expensive and we might prosecute if damaged.
Do not throw anything at anyone else. They might prosecute if damaged.
Violators will be subject to ejection without warning.
Please do not throw props from the balcony down onto the floor.
Again, our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable and authentic “Rocky Horror experience,” without damage to person, property or the historic Florida Theater. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Here is a somewhat comprehensive list of what is and is not allowed, along with suggestions for their use during the movie:

Rice – Allowed? NO! Why? It is very difficult to clean, it makes the floor slippery, and can attract rodents and vermin.

Toast – Allowed? NO! We know it’s a seminal Rocky Horror prop, but it is very difficult to clean, can make the floor slippery, and even crumbs will attract vermin and rodents.

Hot Dog and Prunes – Allowed? NO! Foodstuffs will inevitably attract rodents and vermin.

Lighters and Matches – Allowed? NO! They’re fire hazards.

Balloons – Allowed? Yes. Use: During the song “Science Fiction Double Feature,” pop the balloon when the movie When Worlds Collide is mentioned.

Confetti – Allowed? Yes. Use: in place of rice at the beginning of the film when the wedding guests exit the church, and at the end of the Lab scene when the wedding march is played.

Large “J”-“A”-“N”-“E”-“T” cards – Allowed? Yes. Use: during “Dammit Janet” when Brad says Janet’s name, and also when he spells out Janet’s name, use each letter as he spells it.

Large “Oh” “B”-“R”-“A”-“D” cards – Allowed? Yes. Use: during “Dammit Janet.”

Water Guns – Allowed? Yes. Use: during the song “There’s a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place),” after they get out of the car, and are walking in the rain. Don’t squirt directly at any performers or audience members!

Glow Sticks and Flashlights – Allowed? Yes. Use: During the song “There’s a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place),” wave your light during the chorus of “There’s a Light.” Conceal it when they say, “In the darkness.”

Rubber Glove – Allowed? Yes. Use: During Frank’s speech at the tank when he puts on the gloves, stretches and snaps them.

Noisemakers – Allowed? Yes. Use: During the Lab scene, when the Transylvanian Guests use their noisemakers.

Toilet Paper – Allowed? Yes. Use: When Dr. Scott makes his entrance and Brad exclaims “Great Scott!” Wait for the line, and don’t throw it until Dr. Scott crashes through the wall.

Party Hat – Allowed? Yes. Use: During dinner, when Frank puts on his party hat, you should too.

Paper Plates – Allowed? Yes. Use: When Frank pulls the table cloth off the dinner table.

Bell – Allowed? Yes. Use: During the song “Planet Schmanet,” after dinner, when Frank chases Janet and asks the musical question, “Did you hear a bell ring?” Your keys work too.

Sponge – Allowed? Yes. Use: During Columbia’s speech, when she says to Frank, “you’re like a sponge!”

Playing Cards – Allowed? Yes. Use: After the floor show, during Frank’s solo number, when he sits down and sings the line, “Cards for sorrow, cards for pain.”

Rope – Yes. Use: When the rope falls from the rigging after Riff finishes shooting.

FAQ Rocky Horror Picture Show Questions

28 Oct
Saturday 8:00 pm
Ticket Prices $15.00
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